Our country relies on the transportation industry.

But even with unprecedented demand and job security, many young people are overlooking career opportunities as truck drivers, cargo deckhands, and warehouse associates.

With more than a quarter million job openings predicted annually, how will your company secure the workforce you need?

You need skilled laborers to minimize supply chain disruptions.

Could the right staffing turn your supply chain woes into whoas? Educate the younger generation about the competitive salary, benefits, and flexibility that a transportation career provides—and recruit the skilled workers you need.


Industry growth rate projected through 2030

Annual openings for heavy and tractor-trailer drivers


Percentage of commerce leaders attributing limited economic growth to labor shortages

To find the next generation of transportation workers, you must recruit differently.

You will need to think outside the box from what you’ve always done and employ effective ads, impactful social media campaigns, and meaningful messaging to attract, engage, and retain skilled workers as drivers and other critical positions.

welder working on a piece of machinery

Is your current recruiting enough to stack up to the competition?

You aren’t the only business in the transportation industry looking for skilled workers. To find the candidates you need, your recruiting must consider every single step of your candidate’s journey.

We’re here to help you gain an edge in hiring the candidates you need—but first we must assess your existing recruiting efforts.

Meet Your Candidates Where They Are

To get the attention of your future workforce, you have to be where they are online.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Make it clear to your candidates what you can offer them that no other employer can.

Fill Job Openings Faster

Reduce the time to fill key positions and guard against supply chain disruptions.

Start the Audit Process

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk about how your recruitment stacks up. Our process starts with a thorough audit and tangible recommendations to streamline and improve your hiring process.

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