Meet Your Candidates Where They Are

Recruiting blue-collar candidates requires your organization to connect to the communication channels that your prospects are using and entice them with messages that resonate. At Main Street Recruitment, curiosity drives our team’s insatiable learning, so we test every element of our recruitment campaigns to find the best way to capture the attention of your future workforce.

Does Your Recruiting Stack Up?

We can help you find out.

To improve recruiting at your organization, you have to start by understanding what’s working, where there are gaps, and how your organization stacks up against the competition. After we perform a thorough audit, we can provide recommendations to streamline and improve recruitment for your organization.

Our audit provides:

  • A stronger understanding of your existing employer brand
  • An overview of your current reputation as an employer (including Glassdoor, Indeed, and social listening)
  • A thorough analysis of your competitors’ recruiting strategies
  • A review of your application and interview process
  • An assessment of your recruiting collateral and assets
  • A tech stack analysis
  • An overview of industry and career projections
  • A customized employer brand manifesto and employee value proposition
  • A recommended strategy that includes target audience, creative ad development, and message testing

Start the Audit Process

Let’s talk about how recruitment at your organization stacks up.

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