The skills gap in the manufacturing industry is growing.

As many workers inch closer to retirement, more critical positions in your company will be unfilled—and the younger generation is largely overlooking your field. How will you attract the skilled workers you need?

Your future employees are unaware of career opportunities in the trades.

Today’s high school students have a negative perception of working in manufacturing and don’t know how much the industry has changed through innovation and technology. Are your recruiting methods as antiquated as their misconceptions about manufacturing careers?

million Manufacturing jobs unfilled by 2030

Percentage of current manufacturing workers over age 55

Percentage of companies predicting ongoing recruiting difficulties

To recruit your future workforce, you must get in front of the right people.

It’s time to identify recent high school or technical school graduates looking for an opportunity for hands-on work that pays well and offers good benefits. But before you can do that, you have to make sure you have an effective recruitment process in place.

welder working on a piece of machinery

How does your recruiting stack up?

If your manufacturing business has open positions that you can’t seem to fill, so do your competitors—and you’re trying to attract and hire the same skilled workers. What will make your business stand out to prospective employees?

Let us help you take a hard look at your recruiting.

Analysis of Your Current Recruiting

What’s working, what’s not, and what could you do differently?

Enhanced Employer Branding

Make sure your benefits are front and center to prospective candidates.

Comprehensive Recruiting Solutions

Find the best ways to target, attract, and retain the skilled workers you need.

Start the Audit Process

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk about how your recruitment stacks up. Our process starts with a thorough audit and tangible recommendations to streamline and improve your hiring process.

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