You’re Doing It Wrong: Interviews

August 11, 2021

Let’s make this process go as slow as possible.

Let’s put as much time between the candidate’s initial expression of interest and any signs of forward movement. Are any of us thinking that? Probably not but that is what our process and actions show.

When you are ready to make a move to a new company or new career, you want action!

Has anyone read The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins? That prospective candidate counted down, they blasted off, they did the hard thing, and they had the courage to apply. Your company, out of all the companies and all the jobs looking right now, stood out to them. And they did the bold thing.

And then we let them sit and think about it, sometimes for days. Maybe we send them the cursory “Thanks for applying. Our recruiter will review your resume shortly and will reach out if you are a fit!”

But they start to think…

Should I have done that? Was that a mistake? Can I even do that job? Do I even want to do that job? Was my resume okay? Why did I have to upload a resume and fill out an application that seems redundant? You know, I am comfortable where I am. I have a good salary. Things aren’t so bad. I should get another week of vacation next year. And before you know it, they have talked themselves out of moving forward before you even reviewed their resume in the ATS.

But if you can get past those first few days of review before you call for that phone screen or hit send on that email to set up the phone screen, it really doesn’t improve from there.

So they apply and then wait 24–48 hours for us to review the application and then another 24–48 hours to have a call or email set up for the phone screen.
And then another 24–48 hours to set up the in-person interview.
And then another 24–48 hours before we can come in and meet in person.
And then another 24–48 hours to hear if we are going to set up the second round interview—but wait, before you can meet the hiring manager, I need you to complete this 2-hour skills assessment.
And then, and then.

It’s like we are trying to give them an excuse to opt out of the process. Let’s be truthful, these people aren’t ghosting us—we are failing them.


Automate the process, educate them at each stage, make them feel like they are already valued.

Why is it so hard in the HR space for us to understand that our candidates are no different than the customer we want to sell our widget to? Give them the info they need when they want it, and deliver quickly (in less than 2 days; thanks, Amazon Prime).


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