What Is Omni-Recruiting?

November 8, 2021

Omni-recruiting is a multichannel approach to employee recruitment marketing, focused on providing strategies and technologies for companies to meet job candidates where they are with the right message at the right time.

According to Pew Research, 97% of Americans own a cell phone of some type with 85% being smartphones. While only 75% of Americans own a desktop or laptop computer. The drastic increase in reliance on mobile technology over the last 10 years demanded a shift in buying behaviors

According to Salesforce, consumer expectations have shifted. Previously, “customers have expected basics like quality service and fair pricing — but modern customers have much higher expectations, such as proactive service, personalized interactions, and connected experiences across digital channels.”

Companies have acted accordingly by offering mobile-first shopping experiences and omnichannel marketing strategies, and consumers have responded well. 

So, if this has become expected consumer behavior, why would those expectations not translate across other areas? Is looking for a TV much different than looking for the right job? And, if so, why have companies embraced these new consumer expectations but lag behind when it comes to activating the same strategies for future employees?

Some of these concepts can be piecemealed together to create a sufficient recruiting technology stack—you have your ATS, CRM, and SMS. While adoption of many of these continues to lag behind in favor of emailed resumes and cover letters, the Great Resignation of 2021 sounds the alarm louder than ever that companies no longer have the upper hand when it comes to recruiting and something needs to change—starting with changing the way we do recruitment marketing.

Relying on traditional career boards with stodgy job descriptions, hoops to jump through, and limited transparency must become a thing of the past. And omni-recruiting will be ushered in as the most effective hiring strategy for companies who rely on a skilled labor workforce.

Omni-recruiting offers a seamless experience with effective communication and increased touchpoints to the candidate and provides an increase in employer brand awareness, career site traffic, and applications from better-qualified candidates.


How is omni-recruiting different from recruiting today?

According to Recruiting Social, recruitment means “finding and hiring people to fill job openings at an organization. It involves determining the job’s requirements, attracting or sourcing qualified candidates, screening and selecting finalists, and negotiating the terms of employment.”

As a company or as a recruiter, is it your responsibility to provide a good candidate experience? Because that does not seem to be the experience candidates are having. 

With reports that automated hiring systems are keeping up to 27 million people from getting jobs, even starting the arduous task of job hunting is leaving people discouraged.

Many job seekers experience the following when they begin the search process:

  1. Update resume
  2. Update LinkedIn profile, if applicable
  3. Visit job boards, such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, SimplyHired
  4. Search for keywords that fit their experience or interest (e.g., machinist, marketing, etc.)
  5. Review jobs, and find one you like!
  6. Write a customized cover letter
  7. Complete job application forms
  8. Screening and employment testing
  9. Interviews (often multiple)
  10. Background checks
  11. Offers

This is just a high-level overview of the steps and is certainly not all encompassing of the recruiting and hiring process. With many steps to navigate, people to talk to, communication styles, and channels there are many roadblocks on the road to hiring the best people.

Omni-recruiting modernizes recruitment marketing processes, strategies, and technologies. It reaches not just the active job seeker but the passive candidates that job ads on the traditional job boards will never reach.

What can you expect from an omni-recruiting experience?

  • Custom ads crafted with your audience in mind
  • Targeted audience developed based on the skills, interests, and behaviors of your ideal employees and candidates
  • Ads served to your audience on the platforms they are actively engaged with, reaching over 55,000 websites your future employees visit, as well as social media advertising
  • Dynamic ads with a series of messages that tell a compelling employment story
  • A customized, mobile-first microsite providing a deeper dive into your organization and sharing the information the right candidates for your company want to know
  • A simple micro-application process collecting only the necessary information you need to engage with a candidate
  • A text integration that triggers a series of questions—no need for a resume!
  • A notification to the employer that a candidate has applied and is ready for an interview

What you see above in bold are the only steps taken by your candidate. With omni-recruiting, your organization still tells the story but removes the barriers to entry for the applicant—taking what was 10 steps and boiling it down to 2 steps to collect only the most critical information.


The difference is clear

Change is coming, and it has been for a while. The good news is the evolution of recruiting already has a roadmap to success outlined by sales and marketing strategies in the consumer space. 

People want to be informed and empowered and they want their experiences to be seamless and simplified. Our buying behaviors have broken down the barriers between life and work and have crafted our new expectations as job seekers. 

As we make our way through the greatest shift in labor and talent behaviors, now is the time to release the old and no-longer-effective processes of employee recruitment and evolve into a new era of omni-recruiting strategies.

If you are ready to change your organization’s hiring strategy and approach to recruiting the skilled labor workforce you need, please reach out to speak to our team. We are here to help you take the first steps forward using an omni-recruiting approach.


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