What Are Your Weapons in the “War for Talent?”

July 17, 2021

A terrible and exhausted phrase, “the war for talent,” has actually never been more accurate than it is at this moment.

In a post-COVID work world, there are many battles to be fought and HR is out on the front lines.

I’m willing to guess that you are juggling job requisitions for a headcount that was laid off during COVID-19, new roles that are needed after all of the change from the last year, and now you have to keep up with filling the positions of those who are jumping on the “Great Resignation” bandwagon.


You are advertising on job boards, which means you are only reaching people who are looking.

You are likely to reach viewers on a desktop, with a resume, working in white-collar roles, and often coming with experience. Good, great. But just because you are reaching someone does not mean you are reaching the right audience—your audience.

Stop doing only that. It isn’t working.

There is a whole world of candidates out there who don’t even know there is a better job, a better company, a better future out there for them. Or maybe they do, but don’t know where to start. You can change that.


Want to reach blue-collar workers? Younger generations? Passive candidates?

  • Speak to them where they are
  • Use the right message
  • Deliver at the right time
  • Make it easy for them to communicate


Want to keep them engaged in the hiring process?

Deliver content to them on a consistent basis on platforms they are already using…

  • Social media
  • Digital advertising
  • Satellite radio
  • Text messaging


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