Recruitment Marketing or Recruiting Agency?

January 5, 2022

The Many Sides of Recruiting: Different and Necessary

Main Street Recruitment launched in 2019 as a new division of Company 119, a digital marketing agency, after waves of clients began approaching the organization looking for a solution to their rising challenge: the employee shortage. 

Fast forward two years and that need has increased exponentially. COVID has accelerated retirements, shifted priorities, and changed the availability of many workers. The rise of The Great Resignation—with no end in sight—is coupled with an already anticipated skilled trade worker shortage fueled by two generations who chose college over trades amidst the blue-collar bias. 

All that being said, Main Street Recruitment identified solutions to these challenges, and as we take this to market, found some challenges of our own. 

Often when we begin discussions with business leaders and Human Resources professionals, we are met with an objection: “We already use a recruiter,” OR “We already have an internal team.” Great, but…what does that mean?

At Main Street Recruitment, we are a team of recruitment marketing professionals that offer insights to your employer brand and audience, and can help you craft the right brand story and advertising strategies to reach the right candidates with the right message at the right time—and in a place where they actually spend their time and attention. 


So, what does a recruitment marketing agency do?


Recruitment Marketing Agency:

  • Rooted in proven marketing strategies
  • Employer branding
  • Recruitment audience development and personas
  • Targeted messaging
  • Digital and traditional advertising
  • Direct and transparent ROI/KPI metrics
  • Fills the pipeline
  • Seamless candidate experience  
  • Streamlined communication
  • Consulting support

Main Street Recruitment is not here to replace your recruiting team or even your third-party recruitment partner. We supercharge your talent attraction process to fill your candidate pipeline and improve the ROI of your limited recruiting budget. 

Your in-house recruitment or talent acquisition team is often a part of the overall Human Resources group. Depending on the size of your organization you may have individuals with the specific recruiter or TA titles, but often—and especially in the manufacturing and industrial space—those charged with the recruiting efforts are wearing many other hats at the same time. When your day consists of administrative or receptionist responsibilities to benefits and payroll, it is hard to efficiently and effectively perform recruitment tasks. And with the increase in demand to fill jobs and the need to incorporate marketing efforts into your recruitment plan, it can be a lot to ask.

For those organizations who do have devoted recruiters, their plates are full too. 


In-House Recruiting:

  • Part of the HR team
  • Responsible for full-cycle talent acquisition: Writing, posting, and advertising job descriptions, social media posting, resume review, candidate communication, internal communication, coordinating and executing phone screenings and interviews, preparing offer packages, and onboarding communication up to new hire start date 
  • May work with outside parties such as third-party agencies or recruitment marketing agencies

Main Street Recruitment makes it easy for you. We can attract the talent and streamline your top of funnel processes. You no longer need to post on the many tired and cluttered job sites and pray the right candidate finds you and applies. We attract the right people for your company and the roles you need to fill, leaving you to select from and interview those most suited for your organization.

The most common misconception occurring throughout our conversations and outreach is that we are a third-party recruiting agency. I get it; with recruitment in the name a lot of assumptions can be made. But we are vastly different. 


Third-Party Recruiting Agency:

  • Often focuses on staffing temporary personnel
  • Identifies candidates and prescreens them, sends candidates to client organization for interview or to start the job (may include posting/advertising a blind position)
  • Paid an agreed upon rate for placement, often a percentage of the employee wage
  • Can be useful for hard to find or executive roles or as an option for high volume positions with significant turnaround


The way we see things at Main Street Recruitment, there is a need for each of these three recruiting efforts, all bringing their own unique expertise to the table. 

Recruitment marketing organizations can help you identify who you are, who you should be talking to, and what message will resonate with them, and strategically deliver the message on the right traditional and digital platforms for that audience. 

In-house recruiters bring the expertise of the processes of their own organization and create a stronger relationship and more seamless experience for the candidate. And third-party recruiters can help fill the hard to find gaps and deliver short-term high volume workers (see: seasonal hiring) that in-house teams need not spend their time on. 

If you are curious or know you are ready to take the next step and supercharge your recruiting, download our self-audit and schedule a call with MSR to review your results. We can discuss some quick wins as well as our omni-recruiting strategies to take your talent attraction and retention to a whole new level.

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