Omni-Recruitment for Blue-Collar Workers

November 17, 2021

The evolution of traditional recruitment marketing that meets the modern needs of both the candidate and the employer.

Main Street Recruitment does more than recruitment marketing—we do omni-recruiting.

As we initiate an entirely new industry that bridges the gap between marketing, recruitment, and technology, we’ve developed unique terminology that speaks to the impact this idea is preparing to make.

Similar to an omnichannel marketing experience, omni-recruiting allows companies to meet candidates where they are with the right message at the right time.

By pioneering the omni-recruiting space, we are modernizing the recruitment process for organizations with a targeted focus on those with a skilled labor workforce.

Main Street Recruitment understands the needs of the blue-collar and skilled worker and the outcomes needed by the human resources and operations teams right now.

Using omni-recruiting strategies and processes, an organization can provide an informative and invitational experience to active and passive candidates as they consider and embark upon a career change.

Companies that don’t understand the true meaning and heightened value of recruiting will continue to post and pray on the traditional job boards and hope that, in a sea of ads, theirs will magically meet the eyes of their perfect candidate. This results in a longer time to fill, loss of productivity for the department, and a decrease in revenue for the organization. You can keep trying your old tricks, but at Main Street Recruitment, we don’t like the odds of that.

That’s why, at Main Street Recruitment, using our unique hiring insights, we have developed a candidate user experience that delivers the right messages to your ideal candidates at the right time where they are actually digitally engaged.

We know that the best way to reach any candidate is through the use of their mobile phone. Everything we do is focused on mobile-first activity.

Our technology stack is developed on a mobile-responsive platform, so when the potential candidate visits the customized career microsite, their view is optimized for the device they are using. This microsite speaks specifically to their interests, the ability to explore available opportunities prior to applying, and what we call a micro-application process, where minimal but necessary information is gathered.

While college graduates and white-collar professionals often have a resume ready or maintain an updated LinkedIn profile, blue-collar workers are less likely to have a resume and keep it up to date. This means the hiring process for skilled workers must take a different approach. We leverage social and programmatic advertising technologies to reach the right audience with the right message on the site and social platforms blue-collar candidates are engaging with regularly—not the LinkedIns and Indeeds of the world.

Blue-collar workers are out in the field, working at their machine or workstation or on the road, not sitting at a desk tied to a laptop. They just don’t spend their time using this type of technology. So, asking a blue-collar worker to send over their resume is an immediate roadblock to getting them to apply. You have to make it easy for skilled labor candidates to apply.

Main Street Recruitment’s roots are in the rust belt. We don’t just understand what our clients need, we have lived it.

Our process-based approach to talent acquisition and hiring emphasizes the importance of education and targeted outreach.

Rather than having candidates apply by creating a user profile or uploading a resume, we utilize SMS technology to communicate with the candidate to determine their interest and if their skills are the right match for our client. After a series of questions, the candidate can be prequalified for a number of opportunities at the company of interest, and the company point of contact is notified that they have a great candidate ready to convert to an employee.

Understanding what differentiates your company, the persona that performs well at your organization, and the information that connects the two can be used to craft a compelling ad series that is served through a programmatic delivery platform, reaching more than 55,000 websites. Whether you need to fill automotive or supply chain jobs or hire for open senior care positions, programmatic helps you target a highly specific audience of prospective candidates. This system ensures your audience is seeing multiple messages across their digital journey. These ads craft a story and lead the right individuals to apply and convert.

Transforming your hiring strategy with omni-recruiting allows recruiters and companies to experience increased brand awareness, career site traffic, and more applications from qualified candidates while providing more effective communication and touchpoints to your future employees. Contact Main Street Recruitment today to start your omni-recruiting journey, put our recruitment audit checklist into action, and change the way your company recruits.


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