The construction industry is losing skilled workers every day.

As managers and field workers leave due to retirement or changing careers, more critical positions are sitting unfilled at construction firms across the country—and decades of experience are lost. How will you secure the workforce your business needs?

The gap between construction job candidates and the skills they need to succeed is widening.

Many firms are finding it increasingly difficult to identify qualified workers with the skills needed to fill existing openings or grow their team to take on new projects. Without a full team in place, your firm risks missing deadlines and opportunities for new business.


Percentage of the workforce in 2019 that will retire by the end of 2031


Percentage of firms reporting difficulty filling positions or growing their team


Percentage of companies planning to reinvent flexibility and transform the employee experience

Building a strong team will take your construction business to new heights.

But the reality is that recruiting in the skilled trades isn’t easy. To attract a younger workforce, you must break through the stigma of the industry—and this requires a willingness to differentiate your firm and reinvent what recruiting means for your organization.

construction worker on job

Reach Construction Workers Where They Are

Your ideal job candidates are either out on the field already or still in high school. Traditional job sites like Indeed or LinkedIn aren’t the answer for attracting these workers. You must get in front of young, eager candidates with informative and compelling messaging on the platforms they use—and do the same for more seasoned workers who may be open to a job change.

Maximize Your Employer Brand

Make sure your firm stands out from the competition.

Develop Messaging That Resonates

Help your future employees see themselves working on your job sites.

Reduce Time to Fill

Find more qualified candidates faster—and fill open positions more quickly.

Start the Audit Process

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk about how your recruitment stacks up. Our process starts with a thorough audit and tangible recommendations to streamline and improve your hiring process.

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