About Main Street Recruitment

Transforming the Candidate Experience to Secure Your Workforce

Main Street Recruitment is a recruitment marketing agency that helps HR professionals and hiring managers connect companies with the digital channels that their prospective blue-collar and skilled-trade candidates are actively using. We take an omni-recruiting, or multichannel, approach to marketing your employer brand and the opportunities you provide to prospective employees: This means we focus on using the strategies and technologies necessary for your company to meet your ideal candidates where they are online with the right message at the right time.

A Different Approach

Our omni-recruiting methods set our team apart from traditional recruitment agencies and third-party recruiters. As a marketing agency, we help you tell a compelling employment story and position your job opportunities in front of candidates in a meaningful way. We use proven strategies to streamline your candidate search, build a larger pool of qualified candidates, and improve time to hire. Our social recruitment campaigns are tailored to your specific hiring needs, and our innovative tech stack streamlines and expedites the application process when candidates are ready to apply.

secure your future workforce

When you work with Main Street Recruitment, we partner with you to identify the right solution for your unique hiring needs. Whether you need to fill open construction or manufacturing jobs quickly or source the right skilled-labor candidates to sustain your supply chain, we are positioned to help you overcome the challenges to recruiting, transform your candidate experience, and secure your future workforce. Reach out to our team today to start the conversation and schedule a discovery call.